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Life has a myriad of roads down which we can all wonder. We all have a destination in mind.  A person we want to be. A career we want to have. A love we want to meet. A lifestyle we want to lead. A story we want to live. But, as statistics show, most of us never get there. We get sidetracked. We never get around to buckling down and utilizing our talents, pursuing our interests, actualizing our lives. Even smaller goals like changing our diets, learning new skills, or taking on new hobbies are often put off. This is usually because we take a passive approach to our own existence. We let life happen to us, instead of making it happen for us. In other words, we allow ourselves to operate at the mercy of circumstance.  We think of ourselves as A+ players but live C+ lives, usually because we feel we have little input or control. But the truth is we have tremendous input and control, and if we are willing to work hard and take calculated risks, then we will improve our standings in life, and work towards actualizing our dreams. It is not a quick or easy process. Do not be fooled. It is hard work, and you must be willing to put in the effort. You need to be flexible. Embrace strategy, And never stop believing in yourself, even when its easy to do just that. If you have those qualities, and a desire for change, then you're ready for AROV.

What sort of goals should I have?

Our clients have very varied goals and interests. Some are professional, some are social, some are health-oriented,  some are philosophical, some are financial, some are spiritual. That's the beauty of life. We all have these crazy challenges set forth before us. AROV just happens to be an organization of people who think all those crazy challenges can be overcome, and we try to live our lives inspired enough to never stop trying to prove it.

The AROV Approach:  

We've developed our unique coaching methods with a desire for practicality and finite results. They are based upon a fusion of principals found within the works of both psychologist Abraham Maslow and sociologist C. Wright Mills. We further incorporate components of problem-based goal setting via the Understanding by Design method, which accounts for all stages of forethought, and encourages detailed planning in each stage, which assists in developing our initial action plans. We are very much invested in helping you people actualize their goals and to do so, we utilize varied, diverse and purposeful strategies in order to facilitate real, measurable progress.

Although coaching is available in customizable amounts, from single sessions to annual packages, we recommend people block coaching sessions by the month. Here is why: we do not want you to be our client forever. We want you to accomplish goals, and once you accomplish them, we no longer need to be employed, unless you have other goals you wish assistance with. While some coaches, trainers, and even therapists, prefer to keep clients indefinitely so that they can rely upon a steady stream of income, and thus operate in a manner that perpetuates a relationship based upon dependence,  we find such practice to be unethical. You are the master of your destiny. You can accomplish your goals with or without us.  And if you trust us enough to help you, motivate you, or guide you on your path, then we take that faith seriously. We are goal oriented. We want you to be too. We would much rather you succeed and recommend us to a friend, then to convince you that you need to bankroll us indefinitely. Because you don't. You already have everything you need. We just help bring it out of you, and channel it in the right direction.

Costs (To be billed via PayPal): 
Monthly Package-$499 per month

Includes (monthly): 
*Four 20- 30 minute conversations, typically scheduled once per week as a way to update, redirect, progress and establish your game plan. 
*Consistent Email check-ins for the course of the month (30 days), with additional correspondence as needed. 
*A written strategic game plan, with clear objectives and an outline of the mini goals necessary to build towards those objectives. 
*An evaluation of most effective approaches and best practices, as well as reactionary strategizing based upon results analysis.

Individual Sessions- $150 per session

Includes: (Will be treated as one week of counseling): 
*One 20-30 minute conversation

*Daily Email check-ins, with additional correspondence as needed (to last the duration 5-7 days).

*A written strategic game plan, with clear objectives and the mini goals that will help build towards the objective. 

*It takes time to accomplish a goal. We do not own a DeLorean, Phone Booth, Hot Tub or any other time traveling equipment. But that's OK because you have something even better. Patience.
*You may encounter failure before you can realize success. You cannot be afraid of this. Such failure is to be learned from, and improved upon. 
*Sometimes there are multiple roads you can take to reach your goal. 
*Sometimes there is the need for trial and error. 

*We want to help you evaluate the best approach to take. Sometimes it's best to take diversified approaches. 
*Becoming the person you wish to become is not an easy accomplishment, and such a goal should not be taken lightly. It is a huge investment that requires a lot of self reflection. You must be comfortable with that. Sometimes, in the pursuit of self actualization, clients encounter their own fears, prejudices and vices, which we encourage confronting so that they don't sabotage self actualization. We are your cheerleaders. But sometimes clients are reluctant to acknowledge situations where they are contributing more to their own failures than their successes. When all is said and done, a client succeeds on their own merits. 
*We are not professionally trained therapists, councilors, doctors, trainers or legal or financial consultants. We are not equipped to operate in any such capacity. We believe in you. But we cannot do much to address the feelings of resentment you have for your grandma, any more than we can diagnose that rash on your shoulder. 
*We do not take everyone on as a client. We want to help everyone. But there may be circumstances under which we feel we cannot help a potential client. In these instances, we will try our best to suggest where someone may find better success. 
*We can only work with those who truly want the life they envision. Self actualization cannot occur while immersed in a sea of excuses, indolence or fear. Anyone who wants to accomplish anything difficult must understand that persistence, patience and bravery are what buttress ambition until it reaches success. We aren't magicians, we are leaders. You must b willing to commit to your future. For example, if a client wants to look like a fitness model but won't change his pizza-n-cookies diet or find time to spend in the gym, then he will never look like a fitness model. Not because he can't, but because he won't. It is the choice he's made, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not. We do not want people wasting their money. True greatness is achieved. It never "just happens". But if you still want to pursue true greatness, then when it is realized, it's an accomplishment you'll adorn forever.

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"Obstacles can't stop you. Problems can't stop you. Most of all, other people can't stop you. Only you can stop you."

-Jeffrey Gitomer 

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