The Artists...

      The Rebels...

           The Optimists...

​                        The Visionaries...

The Artists...

      The Rebels...

           The Optimists...

​                        The Visionaries...

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*52.3% of Americans are unhappy with their job, which reflects a sentiment that can be found internationally, in which only 13% enjoy going to work. 

*Nearly 47 million are living in poverty, an increasing amount of whom have college degrees.

*Over 70% of people, worldwide, never realize their childhood dreams.

*The average indebted American owes nearly $17,000 in credit card debt​ and ​nearly $30,000 in student loans. Most countries around the world have the average citizen carrying personal debt in the thousands.


​​​​​​​​​Self Actualization

Imagine your perfect future....
Then consider the path you must follow to get there.... 
Now accept that this future is fully achievable and never think otherwise.
Finally, dedicate yourself to the pursuit.
For all you need is perseverance, direction, and undying confidence.

People have lots of goals. 
Some seem simple; others may seem insurmountable.
But whether your goals are financial, professional, social,
physical, intellectual, educational or creative 
we believe they are completely attainable.

Sometimes the life we live gets in the way of the life we envision.
But the life we live can become the life we envision.
It is an accomplishment people make all the time.
Life is yours for the taking.
You cannot control all of the circumstances;
but you can certainly influence them.
Some live by the belief that they are the architects of their future.
Others believe that the future is constructed for them.
The difference in perspective is sometimes also the difference in ambition.

Imagine you were granted a great power:
 for one year, it was guaranteed that you would accomplish anything.
You couldn't control the speed by which you achieved it.
You couldn't ensure the methods you would use to achieve it
But you were guaranteed that you would succeed eventually
if you were diligent and perseverant.
Would you ever quit?

Extraordinary lives aren't pursued by everyone.
Some prefer more modest accomplishments.
Others aim for somewhere in between. 
Either way, we hope you never doubt
your potential, your promise or your opportunity,
no matter how obscure they may seem.

Life has been built by many types...
the artists, brilliant in their creations,
the rebels, courageous enough to challenge conventions,
the optimists, immune to fear of failure
and the visionaries, inspired to dream.

We believe the spark of all these icons lie in each of us.
Like them, we believe you can build the life you want.
We also think you believe this too. 
What makes us think that? 
Because if you didn't, you would have stopped reading this by now. 

Pursue this ambition.
Craft your path.
Persevere when you face adversity.
Create while others copy.
Question while others concede.
Drive while others doubt.
Indulge imagination while others relish routine.

And when the time comes,
 revel in your own actualization.

Now go make your life happen.